Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Badger Cull

It's been a long time coming that I wrote a post on the badger cull.  As all my friends, family and Facebook friends will now be aware, the badger cull is a topic I feel very strongly about.  I love badgers. I love wildlife. I also accept that Bovine TB is a real problem for the farming industry in our country.  However, using the badger as a scapegoat is not right. Using any animal as a scapegoat is not right. Just because it's a wild creature and it can't fight back or defend itself, it does not make this cull fair or just.  Just as a starting point, the badgers did not magically create TB and give it to the cows!  The two 'pilot' areas in Gloucestershire and Somerset are already underway. We have to act now to save our badgers.  What's more, the NFU (National Farmers' Union) has around 14% of farmers as its members but constantly lobbied the government to go ahead with a cull, they have a lot of control there. Instead of asking supermarkets to charge more for products so they can install fair biosecurity measures, they indulged in poor farming practices and made the situation worse. Now, they want to continue to sell milk to big countries and sorting it out through cattle is too ARDUOUS for them....I know, let's just blame the badgers!  

You can act now, sign the petition

Here are some facts from Brian May's site,

1.) No country has successfully tackled TB in cattle through killing wildlife
2.) Vaccination is the only way to tackle TB in any species
3.) Owen Paterson is ignoring Defra's own scientific research
4.) Culling badgers could make the problem of cattle TB worse
5.) Badger culling will not help TB in British cattle.

We don't know exactly how many badgers actually exist in the UK, if we kill a large proportion of that population, how many will remain?

What I'm doing to make a difference:

It's all well and good shouting out and sharing facts and information on this issue - but the real way to make a difference is to be dynamic. I'm sharing videos, interviews and links to the petition online, I've bought the badger single, a t shirt (which includes the cost of a vaccine) and I'm going to Somerset to complete some badger walks.  You too can help, it doesn't have to cost money, it doesn't have to take up a lot of time. If you care, please share! Signing the petition and sharing it costs nothing! The petition is already number one on the government's site, but still, we need to get it further!

More information and what YOU can do too! 
For more information, the site Team Badger is a fantastic source of information.  From interviews and links to the petition, to information about how you can help. It's a coalition, an allegiance of grass roots wildlife organisations and experts who don't agree with this cull. Their video, featuring Brian May and Brian Blessed, is particularly fantastic and even though it's very light hearted in parts, it does make me cry, because in reality, this is really happening.  Read the Badger Myths dispelled here, which dispels the common myths about badgers and gives strong scientific reasoning and facts for why this cull is cruel, unfair and a crime on our wildlife.  It is supported by every wildlife charity in the UK.    Furthermore, read about how the public have been kept in the dark: Defra's freedom of information response

View the video
Buy the single 

 Let's get this baby to number one! 

Please speak out! We are more powerful in numbers. We don't even know how humane these 'pilot' culls are, which means many badgers will be suffering and we don't even know the what extent. Badgers, I know you can't speak or understand these crimes, but hear us now, we will NEVER stop fighting for you. We care.

If you love badgers, please don't shy away! I know this is horrible, it truly is cruel and inhumane. The only way to make a difference is to fight, to get together and try to change this! 

Thank you for reading and please, if you care, join our fight and protect our badgers.

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