Thursday, 10 October 2013

Elephants and badgers

I'm currently in the process of writing up last weekend's adventures, gathering my notes and ideas from a jam packed weekend. Firstly, I went to London to attend the Say no to Ivory protest near Westminster. This protest was to raise awareness of the illegal ivory trade and the devastating idea that African elephants face extinction (in the wild) by 2025 if we don't do something pretty soon. We protested to gather ideas and try to get our ministers and large figures in government to convince other countries to act on this.

President Obama has already set aside a large sum of money to protect the elephants but huge countries like China play significant parts in this cruel and unnecessary trade and we want our MPs to urge China to stop!

Secondly, I travelled (on the same day) to Taunton to take part in the Wounded Badger Patrol during Somerset's final weekend of the pilot culls.  New news has surfaced that original populations were not as high as previously estimated and they also want to extend the cull, as they did not achieve their initial targets. This comes as a tragic piece of news as many people have taken illegal measures outside of the agreed cull to kill badgers, meaning their numbers have dropped significantly. A figure of around 80% of this population of badgers is thought to have been killed. This is a devastating piece of news. The events of my badger patrol are quite lengthy and that coupled with this recent sadness has prevented me from writing the piece sooner.  I want it to be accurate and it might take a few days to procure, but stayed tuned for my recount of the events of being in the heart of the badger cull area, even if only for one night.

Fear not though, I will be back out in that cull zone if they press on with these plans to extend the cull or even worse, gas our badgers.

I sincerely hope this blog will encourage you to fight for the badgers and help us in this plight. They only have us and we're not as powerful as those bigwig government heads and the cruel and relentless NFU (National Farmers' Union).

I welcome your comments and suggestions for discussion.