Saturday, 14 December 2013

New Year's Resolutions!

As we slowly say goodbye to 2013, the time comes to make resolutions for the brand spanking and shiny new year ahead.  This year, mine aren't as specific -- but they are very important to me!

1. Put more effort into trumpet practice (enough so I get better!) and at least ten minutes practice per day.

2. Be more involved in nature/animal activism (protests and other activities), fundraising and raising awareness.

3. Be more healthy. Less sugar and caffeine and more veggies. No more than one cup of sugary coffee every two days.

4. Go for a mini, 30 minute run every day.

5. Volunteer my time to some form of animal charity

6. Do more for others - even if it's something small

7. Save money wherever I can - ultimate goal is not to buy useless crap or waste as much (and ultimately money).

8. Stop biting my nails. Just stop. Also stop being such a massive moron and giving in. They're just nails.

9. Attend at least one kick ass festival in the summer.

10. Volunteer for a conservation/animal care project in Africa (and magically sort some time off work to do said project.

Finally, a sneaky resolution. I vow to try to forget the pain of the past, forget the people who have forgotten about me and move on with my life. There are amazing things to see, to do and to be. I'm not living in the shadows anymore.

Peace and hugs!

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