Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Leaving home and leaving the past behind you.

 In April of this year I moved to a new city, got a new job, a new house and reconnected with one of my best friends, when we'd previously been drifting apart.  I was stuck in a rut, doing the same work, shifts ruled my life and a monotonous endless daily commute was pretty much taking over.

Even though work can be hard, I actually think leaving my home city was one of the best decisions I've made. I've made new friends, discovered a new city and become closer to one of my best friends (and now housemate). I'm planning trips halfway across the world and getting excited about festivals and the future. I've realised you don't really need a man or an excess of friends to be happy, you just need the right people, yourself and the right state of mind to succeed. I don't need the past, I don't need what was painful and difficult, but I'm grateful for everything I've experienced, because I'm stronger as a result.

I miss my family and my two other best friends like crazy, but of course, they all have lives without me.  But I don't really miss anyone else. Maybe one or two others.  I doubt anyone else misses me or gives me a second thought. But that's fine, that's life I guess.  I've learned that the people who care, the people who deserve to be in your life will make the effort to do so and everyone else will just fall away.  But if they forget about you and ignore you, if they breeze in and out of your life like an errant breeze, were they ever worth your time anyway?  Probably not, so I won't waste another minute thinking, blogging or status updating about them. 

So here's to a new future, to making plans, to celebrating life and health and being grateful for what you've got.